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August 6, 2014

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November 13, 2013


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Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing strengthens and enhances concrete floors.

Concrete polishing is the process of grinding the surface layer of hard cement surface using heavy specialized polishing machinery to achieve a super durable, cost effective decorative floor. Included in the process are heavy duty vacuum systems that make the grinding virtually dustless. Diamond segments with varying abrasion levels are used. The process starts with coarse segment with finer polishing levels used until the desired level is achieved. Liquid densifiers are also applied, increasing the strength of the surface by tightening the pores resulting in more surface area to polish.

  • Co-efficient of Friction – even when wet, floors will meet and exceed OSHA non-slip levels
  • Enhanced lighting and reduced energy costs – reflection from polish increases lighting and brightness which will reduce energy costs
  • Ultra-Durable – floors are extremely durable and ideal for any use including vehicles, heavy equipment and forklifts
  • Reduced Maintenance – flooring is smooth with few seams other than expansion joints providing labor and cost savings
  • LEED Complaint – Polishing uses existing surface, there are no coatings and no VOC’s which make it friendly to the environment
  • No Down-Time, Immediate return to service – Floors can be used almost immediately reducing or even eliminating down time

IFS polished concrete floors will last many years before the wear surface requires re-polishing by a professional. Commercial/Industrial concrete polishing actually strengthens concrete so its long term finish resists wear adding years of life. It eliminates dusting and fork truck tire marks and makes the concrete easier to keep clean. However, the correct cleaning is important. We ensure our clients and their cleaning contractors receive full training on how to maintain polished concrete.

IFS can handle Commercial and Industrial size jobs at an economical price that pays for itself in longer life, safety and low maintenance and we are capable of servicing nationwide clients, with facilities in both Eastern and Western Canada. Please feel free to browse our list of locations we have completed in the past.

IFS is committed to providing you with the right solution for your flooring requirements. On Time and On Budget!

Polished Concrete vs. Epoxy Coating

Polished Concrete

Epoxy Coatings

Does not peel or flake

Frequently peels and flakes

Dusting is primarily eliminated

Dusting often causes failure of coating

Inherent Slip Resistance

Can be slippery unless sand or other aggregate is added

Does not require waxing

Frequent waxing recommended on Decorative Applications

Uses the existing floor, no noticeable VOC’s

Frequently has high VOCs and often requires frequent recoating

Polished concrete requires no cure time

Often requires an cure time of several days

Lasts 10-15 years

Re-coating required every 2-5 years

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